Thursday, March 29, 2012


so, with Earth Day quickly approaching i've been thinking more about up-cycled craft projects. goodness knows i end up with a bunch of leftover bits and pieces from projects and being the kind of girl who hates to throw away a perfectly good   (insert whatever crafty thing here)   it stands to reason that i end up with quite the horde of what others may see as junk. so here's a few uber-quick crafts i've been working on lately:

Pretty Tin Cans
-a take on the old soup-can-turned-pencil-holder except i used the cans left over from those yummy pirouette stick thingies that pepperidge farms makes (the other brands give you different sizes for the cans which is also nice for variety)

ok, so first i covered them with a coat of white primer. then i spray painted the base of the cans and a little bit up the sides. next i cut out scrapbook paper to fit each can and used medium matte gel to adhere the paper to the cans. finished them up with a top coat of the medium matte gel to seal everything and give it a nice sheen.

a few of the finished canisters

Scrappy Fabric Wreaths

-next i came across some wicker wreaths that i must have bought for who-knows-what project in the past and thought, "now what can i do with these???" 

 i looked around the studio and found a bunch of material scraps leftover from dresses and small projects.  after trimming them up into nice and neat 1" strips, i then cut them to the desired lengths (about 15" for the larger one, and 11" for the smaller) i folded them in half and just did a simple slip knot type of thing around the wreath, letting the little ends fan out along the outside.

see, i always knew that it's not bad to be a pack-rat, hahaha


  1. Very nice! Great ideas. I believe this transforms you from pack rat to crafting Queen!!

  2. i like how you put a positive spin on it, lol