Friday, May 6, 2011

feeling feverish...

...ok, so not like flu feverish or even my dreaded spring-allergies-which-turns-into-sinus-infection feverish (although i've had my fair share of that in the last few months) but rather that manic feeling that tends to overtake me in the spring and makes me want to wash down all the walls and start chucking unwanted stuff out the windows. i guess this is what some might call a "spring fever" and i've got it bad.

there's a growing mound of gently used toys, books, clothes, and bedding in the corner of the living room. each piece that i add makes me sigh but i hope that they will all find new homes where they're loved and appreciated.

unfortunately, all this de-pack-ratting (yes i'm in the mood to make up new words today) has left me so tired that i simply don't feel like creating anything. i have a few projects that i'm in the process of finishing up and a couple of commissioned pieces that need to be completed before the end of the month but i just can't even think about starting or designing anything new until i free my house and my mental state of all this clutter.

i would post a pic of Mt. It-Must-Go but i'm kinda embarrassed about the size of it already and know that there is still the attic and basement to go through... oi vey.