Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stella Blue...

is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, so in honor of Jerry week (it's been 15 years since he died) i thought i would make myself a new bag and dress.

fabric shopping is such a blissful experience for me, especially when i only have 1 kid hiding amidst the multi-colored bolts and i knew as soon as i saw the Amy Butler "Love" bolts, i knew it was destiny. quickly snatching up a few yards of the "paradise garden" in periwinkle and a packet of fat quarters from the same line, my mind was already swimming with ideas on the drive home.

design wall:

piecing the fabric:

backside of

and the finished bag in all it's quintessential hippy glory!

interior of bag with 3 handy pockets:

i love this bag... the boldness of the fabric, the fantastic colors, the simplicity of a random 3" square pattern. it's roomie enough for all the little things i carry around and perfect for taking to shows. there's no way that this bag could get lost in a crowd of 15,000 people!