Sunday, February 20, 2011

seeing red

red, red, red
everywhere i look i'm seeing red. most likely because it's february and we get bombarded with pink and red decorations, cards, and clothing but i've got red on the brain for other reasons too and find myself drawn to this bright vibrant color like a ladybug to a tomato.

so inspired, i started a few red projects. the first is a knitted wool hooded cape, a la little red riding hood, but as i quickly realized, i really need to order more yarn cause there is no way i currently have enough to even come close to finishing it. knitpicks must surely love me, it's a shame i can't get any kind of frequent shopper di

today i attempted to make a pom pom from an old t-shirt. results were so-so but not bad for a trial run. need to make my cardboard pattern a little bit bigger and take better care when trimming it up at the end, but the color is pretty and it's making me smile hanging from the window in the laundry room :)

i've also started writing, revisiting an old idea that i began outlining over a year ago, which is coincidentally a new version of an old favorite fairy tale. yep, you guessed it, little red riding hood strikes again! she's permeating my every day life in more ways than i care to admit, lol.