Tuesday, November 16, 2010

wishy-wish, wishy-woo, i wish my wish comes true!

so, as a mom, i end up watching my fair share of cartoons or rather 5 mins here, 10 mins there of cartoons. while i do enjoy watching them, i rarely have the time to sit down and relax for a full episode. we like to switch them up in our house too. the plethora of cartoon channels allows us the ability to continually tune in to new episodes of some old favorites but also to be turned on to some new ones.

yesterday i realized that there was a new channel available (who knows how long it's really been on, i just noticed it though) called HubBub. going through the satellite guide i saw Fraggle Rock listed, which was one of my favorite shows as a kid. how cool that all the vintage episodes are being
broadcast again! i love the characters and those little doozers are just too cute.

anyway, a little wh
ile later i notice the listing for another show that's on at 10:30 called Maryoku Yummy. having never heard of it, i was intrigued and made sure i turned the tv back on in time to check it out. it was love at first sight for me! ohhh, the colors, the simple little shaped characters, the little village that looks like a cross between the smurf's village and whoville... this cartoon is everything i love about animated shows!!!

of course, then i felt inspired and needed to express my creativity in the form of making some little wishes myself. sorting through all the fabric, i settled on the fleece, mostly because of the colors, but the softness of it see
med to fit in well with how i imagine a cuddly little wish would feel.

here's maryoku with some of the wishes in the forest:

my version of the wishes:

i cut out some more pattern pieces last evening after the kids went to bed and will hopefully find time this afternoon to sew them up and stuff them.

speaking of stuffing, after trying out a few different objects to help with the turning of the fabric and stuffing last evening, i've decided that my favorite tool is none other than the Lion Brand Kid's Knitting Needles. the points are not too pointy, slightly dull and the kittie end of them is awesome for pushing the stuffing in and getting it nice and even.i love when things can be re-purposed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

mad rush to stock up

the big news here at the Quirky Forest is i've been accepted to be a part of CraftStar Bazaar!
wooo hoooooo!

now the mad rush to finish up existing projects and build up my stock of hand made goods for the show is in full swing. i spent most of the afternoon in my craft room making small zippered pouches/wallets. this evening will bring more knitting time and tomorrow i'm planning on venturing back into my little crafty oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of housework and kids, to hopefully get some serious sewing time logged.

so, save the dates and come explore the Roanoke Valley's first indie craft show:

Thanksgiving weekend
Friday, November 26th from 12:00 - 7:00
Saturday, November 27th from 10:00- 5:00
with a special showing of Handmade Nation on Saturday at 7:30

youtube trailer for the movie :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

looking for little elves...

... to fill these little hats.

so cute and whimsical, what a great project for small amounts of yarn, and best of all, quick and satisfying! that's what comes to mi
nd when i look at these tiny noggin toppers. easy to adjust the size to fit a range of child heads, i've made some small enough for preemies/newborns, others slightly larger.

Monday, November 1, 2010


like many parents, i think i get almost as excited for halloween as the kids do. nevermind that i feel the need to make costumes and usually end up not finishing them until the morning of trick or treat night, when i'm feeling frantic and scattered.

last year i thought i would take the easy way out and just buy costumes, not being confident in my ability to sew anakin skywalker and obi-wan kenobi outfits, but it left me feeling guilty so this year when the boys were trying to decide what they wanted to dress up as, i tried to sway them towards ide
as that i knew i could accomplish.

the older boys finally settled on mario and luigi and i set out in search of patterns and ideas. (this is where i insert the obligatory, "man, i love the internet!" comment.) i knew i wouldn't really need a pattern for the overalls, they're simple enough to cut from fleece and seam up, but i was a little worried abo
ut the hats. thought about buying them at the Spirit Halloween store, but at $17 per hat, my "i can make it so much cheaper than that" instinct kicked in.

luckily for me, AmberLee over at Giver's Log had an awesome pattern for the hats. so simple and cute, once i finished sewing them yesterday morning the boys popped them on their heads and never took them off all day, Keegan even slept in his and they decided to wear them to school today! mike said the boys got lots of compliments on their costumes when he walked them around our neighborhood last evening, while i stayed home to pass out candy.

Ash was able to go through the "rubbermaid tote of halloween's past" and picked out a monkey costume that Sky wore a few yrs ago. gotta love hand-me-downs :)