Friday, May 21, 2010

new YARN day!!!

oh mr. mailman, have i told you how much the sound of a big box being dropped off on the porch makes my heart pitter-patter a little faster? i mean, i like most of the mail you bring (i could really do without the bills, but i guess there's no way getting around them) but by far my most favorite thing you bring is a giant brown box with the word "KnitPicks" blazing across the packing tape.
today's big brown box was the largest i have ever received and i felt like a little kid on her birthday. i heard the box "plop" on the porch and ran downstairs, quickly opened the door, yelled, "thank you!" and then dragged it inside. scissors deftly sliced through the tape and then there it was... a big clear plastic bag holding more yarn than i imagined!
Ash had lots of fun helping me sort it on the living room floor, he's at the age (3) where making piles and rows of like colors is both educational and a great way to be mommy's little helper. now i've got to hurry up and finish what's currently on my needles so i can dive into all this yummy wool and cotton.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


this bag makes me think of summer. specifically, the incredible thunderstorm and lightening from Deer Creek last year. if you were there, you know what i'm talking about. big and roomy, this bag is perfect for packing stuff for a picnic or a day of lounging by the pool.

knitted with 100% wool, i slightly fulled it to make it stronger and thicker. the central mitered squares are from yarn that i hand-dyed using food coloring.

Monday, May 17, 2010

silly mushrooms

these kooky little mushrooms were a fun project that i worked on a couple of evenings. made from cotton fabric and 100% wool felt, they make me smile at their absurdity!

the waiting game...

oh the interwebz, so many conveniences. i love the webz for so many reasons... it's a great way to beat boredom, it's a cool way to find a special gift for someone, but mostly, i love meeting new people.
kindness from strangers is a remarkable thing. i recently raised $1500 for the March of Dimes, almost 75% of which came strangers on a Phish msg board. people open their hearts (and their wallets) sometimes in unexpected and amazing ways.
currently, i'm waiting on a gift from a guy in Montana, another phan. he's agreed to help me out by designing a logo for my fledgling business at a serious discount. once i get the logo i can get some labels made and then, voila! i can start selling my creations.

life's little journeys...

time for renewal.
time for new beginnings.
time to deep clean my house.
time to get my myself motivated and start something new.

so here i am, at the beginning of what i hope will be a lucrative adventure that will bring happiness and a sense of accomplishment (and a little extra moola) to my life.